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Saraswathy Recruitment Group is an international HR and staffing solutions provider with presence in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas.Established in 2003, Representing 4 countries with over 8 offices and 1,800 Plus employees worldwide, We met a growing demand to deliver a managed recruitment solution working closely with organizations to offer cost and time savings, skilled staff and freedom from the administrative burden.Since then, as part of Saraswathy Group, the company has earned a leading reputation for finest delivery in Staffing & Outsourcing Services to both private and public sector organisations. Our clients are predominantly Fortune 1000 multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises and French firms across major industries.

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    Progressing in every project by closing lead Positions.
    Leading Closures , IDBI Intec - Achieved Maximum number of closures in IT.
    Succeeded in Aramco Project by giving more placements.
    Signed in contract with Speed Detective Agency.
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    End-To-End Recruitment

    Attracting and recruiting the right people is an important part in growing a business. However, it’s also a very complex, fragmented and time-consuming task. It’s not unusual for business

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    There are never two identical days when you’re running a business. So the flexibility of a temporary labour force helps you keep pace with the constantly changing business environment.

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    Permanent Recruitment

    We place project managers, career consultants and interim leadership as well as hands-on professionals and technicians. Refer to the Saraswathy practice that your functional need

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    That’s what these modular recruitment services are all about: you can pick and choose the recruitment services you need.There are no contracts or commissions for recruitment

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    Skilled contract can provide extra support and infuse critical knowledge into your organization. Taking advantage for critical business functions in HR, finance to focus on strategic initiatives

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    To Hire

    In our job placement services, Saraswathy stands between the Saraswathy-registered job seeker and the company seeking an employee to assist with the hiring procedures.

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    All businesses face employee challenge daily, and that’s why Saraswathy exists… to relieve you from carrying the burden alone. This is where the HR Outsourcing Company Model becomes so attractive. Saraswathy is what is known as a PEO, which stands for Professional Employer Organization. As your HR Services company, Saraswathy will conduct the administrative tasks (which, let’s face it, can be a huge chore) necessary to carry out the HR functions and keep you in compliance with benefit vendors, government agencies, the Industrial Commission, and all other employee-related entities. Since some tasks just can’t be outsourced, you will need to continue directing and controlling your workforce hours, pay rates, and employee benefits.


    HR Consulting

    Most managers aren’t trained in checking references, or performing exit interviews. If HR and recruitment scares you just a little bit, you’re far from alone. After all, most managers aren’t trained in interviewing staff, or checking references, or performing exit interviews. And when it comes to making hiring decisions, getting it wrong can be costly. So it’s little wonder that many businesses are uneasy when it comes to dealing with HR and recruitment.



    No one is perfect. As long as humans are operating in business ,there’s bound to be conflict. How a company manages the conflict challenges determines what it costs in terms of time, energy, money or employees. Anti-Harassment (Sexual, Racial, Religious, Cultural) – Both management and employees have a responsibility to recognize and appropriately handle each of the following types of harassment: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation, Racial, People with Disabilities, Age, Religion and Bullying.


    Visa Services

    A number of people travel abroad every year in search of new employment or new life. Some go there to work for a temporary time period and some apply for immigration. We at saraswathy , help people realize this dream. With more than a decade long industry experience, we have developed cordial relations with the embassies, government staff, various airlines with their respective travel agents and other offices. Our strong relationships with such organizations and credibility lets us take care of prompt delivery of both employment and work permit Visa.

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    Resume Tips

    The resume is the prelude to the interview. The goal of the resume is to get the interview. Excellent resumes make all the difference; the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ when it comes to just considering you as a candidate for the job. Your resume is your own personal brand and best shot at getting the interview.

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    CV Writing

    Our professional writing service will get you to top of the queue when that exciting new job opportunity comes along. Our professional approach is structured to streamline the process and aims to show your qualifications and your experience in the best light possible. Look no further it’s time to take positive action right now!

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    Interview Preparation

    Interviewing comes down to good preparation, selling yourself and setting yourself apart with very clear examples of your experience and achievements. Before we meet with you we will ask a series of questions to gain an understanding of where you struggle when you are interviewing and focus working on those areas.

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    Career Advice

    Saraswathy provides one on one consultative career guidance to individuals seeking assistance in determining their career path across India. Through the use of coaching sessions, the implementation of an individual action plan, and using two psychometric tools-the OIP+ and Future Selves.

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