Career Advice & Guidance

Career Advice and Guidance in Puducherry

What is career advice and what is the process?

This then enables us to assist in determining a new career path and setting SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals to work towards. We create with our client an action plan that ensures the correct steps are in place and once the coaching sessions are complete we stay in touch with regular motivation, feedback, support and advice.

  • Who would use career guidance and advice?

    People that have been made redundant

    This is a very distressing time for individuals. We work with you to help you refocus on your goals and provide you with the motivation to take action within 24 hours of meeting with us.

  • Return to work individuals that have taken some time off their career for personal circumstances such as childcare, overseas travel, caring for family members, etc

    If you are due to return to work but can’t imagine anything worse than returning to the same old role you left years ago then the career guidance can help you to realise and transition into a new role that will provide you with satisfaction.

  • Individuals that feel they need a change in direction in their career but are not sure where to go or what to do

    This is the perfect time to speak with us as we can talk to you about what you want to do, what your individual, career, and family goals are, and using the assessment tools paint a comprehensive picture of you as a person.

  • What are the benefits of getting career advice?

    • You will have increased awareness of your career goals through the use of the action plan.
    • It provides individuals with direction and motivation.
    • It will re-energise you and re-focus you onto the right path.
    • It will increase self knowledge, awareness, skills and your attitudes to maintain when faced with hurdles along the path.
    • One on one coaching and guidance as well as ongoing feedback and support.
    • Structured coaching sessions to ensure we meet all of our objectives.
    • A CV and covering letter tailored to our client’s ideal job.
  • About the assessments tools:

    OIP+ (Occupational Interest Profile)

    This tool provides a comprehensive assessment of vocational interests and personal work needs. This assesses various factors individuals need such as career stability, independence and reward as well as the areas of work the individual may enjoy.

    This is an easy to complete computer based assessment and takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. Upon completion you will receive a detailed list of career suggestions based on a person’s profile from school leaver to senior management.

  • FutureSelves

    This is a holistic tool that identifies individual’s hopes and fears for their future including: career options, values and beliefs, skills and interests, relationships, and lifestyle.

    It is an easy to use computerised questionnaire and takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. The results from the assessment come in the form of a chart that is used alongside the OIP+ to paint a comprehensive picture of an individual in career guidance.

  • Process involved

    • Consultant and Client to discuss best options, the process, action planning, costs, confidentiality, and the level of commitment involved from both parties.
    • Client to participate in two online assessments- FutureSelves and OIP+
    • Consultant analyses the reports before meeting with client
    • In meeting with Client we firstly gain an understanding of Client’s current situation and if there is anything they would like to change. We would go through the workbook to discuss what is listed in here.
    • We would also talk about what their objectives and goals are, and discuss the results of the assessments. At the end of the meeting we will create an action plan together creating homework for the client regarding gaps in achieving their goals, training, researching roles, and any other information that may be relevant.
    • In follow up meeting we would go through your workbook and discuss courses available, generate options for the action plan, and discuss ongoing support and feedback available.
    • Consultant would work on Client’s CV and covering letter tailored towards a specific role based on the results of the assessments tools as well as discussions to date.
    • In final meeting we would complete Interview Coaching. Here we would focus on competency based interview questions relevant to the role of choice, and also ensure the client is confident in interviewing situations.
  • What are the costs involved?

    This is something that is tailored to each individual client that comes through to us for coaching work; therefore we prefer to gain an understanding of your needs before we discuss pricing options and packages with you.

This Recruitment service sounds interesting – what’s the next step to working together?

Easy – just Contact Us to arrange a Free Consultation, and we can talk through all the options then, and will be able to recommend the services best suited to your specific needs.