• 1.Why use specialist recruitment consultants? Why shouldn’t we do the recruiting ourselves?

    Although recruiting the best qualified staff for key positions is a primary responsibility of senior management, it usually requires a significant investment of time and expertise that is often not available in busy head offices. In addition, it can be better for these early contacts to be made by a suitably qualified third party.

  • 2.Is it expensive?

    No – not when you consider that we carry out the candidate contact necessary to develop a short-list of people, all of whom meet the job requirements and come recommended by their peers. Unless you need to supplement our search by media advertising for particular reasons, you will often save these costs too.

  • 3.What qualifies you to provide this service?

    All our consultants are international development professionals themselves with many years experience of working with leading agencies operating across the developing world. We have decades of experience recruiting staff for a wide range of international posts as directors, senior managers and consultants, and can advise on a number of selection techniques as well as the traditional interview. Moreover, we are well “plugged into” development networks across the world, facilitating the search and ensuring completion in a timely fashion.

  • 4.How do we know you will get the right candidate?

    While it is always the client who makes the final selections, Saraswathy has a long track record of finding short-lists of suitably qualified candidates, leading to successful appointments. What is more, we will have spoken to them, and their peers, before you meet them.

  • 5.How long is the recruiting process?

    Some positions take longer to recruit for than others, but on average it takes three months from the start of the search to making an appointment.

  • 6.How often will you report to us during the recruiting process?

    As often as is required – it varies at different stages of the process, but on average at least once a week.

  • 7.We have used recruitment consultants before – why Saraswathy?

    Because we are established specialists in global recruiting for international agencies and have a long track record of successfully finding quality candidates for senior and/or specialist positions around the world.

  • 8.Where do you look for potential candidates?

    That depends on the post for which we are recruiting, but our capacity to conduct specialist searches is worldwide and covers all development sectors.

  • 9.What recruitment methods do you offer clients?

    International Executive Search and Selection is Saraswathy’s specialty, but we can also arrange supplementary recruitment advertising when required as well as offer advice on selection methods and additional services, such as psychometric measurements.

  • 10.Are you able to conduct discreet recruitment searches?

    Yes, but in the vast majority of cases we work openly as consultants to the specific client’s.

  • 11.What is your track record?

    To see a client list, please go to the page titled


    For detailed information on the wide range of successful recruitment’s undertaken with national development clients, please contact us at +91-413-2640400.

  • 12.How can a small organization like Saraswathy handle demanding international recruitments?

    It is not a matter of size, but of a proven and constantly updated professional capacity to locate and bring to the table senior and specialist development professionals from all over the world. After years of working in the field, we know a wide range of the “movers and shakers” in the field and regularly approach them personally for the names of suitable people during the course of a search.

  • 13.For what levels of job seniority does Saraswathy recruit?

    This is mainly up to the client, but we normally search for roles from head of function to senior or chief executives or for jobs that require specialist international expertise.

  • 14.Why not advertise?

    Under certain circumstances advertising can be an effective means of reaching a particular audience. However, relying on advertising alone is always a lottery. It can also lead to a flood of responses, imposing a huge administrative task, which may – or may not – identify a few promising candidates.

  • 15.How much will Saraswathy’s service cost?

    Our standard inclusive fee for international Executive Search and Selection is based on a percentage of annual salary.

  • 16.How do the candidates benefit?

    • Prefers taking up a job on a contract basis
    • Professional’s are interested in working part time and also pursuing higher studies.
    • Looking for a exposure in various industries by taking different contracts
    • Looking at a stepping-stone into permanent employment.
  • 17.Do I have to pay any fees to Saraswathy Consultancy if I get a job through you?

    Candidates are not charged for the services we offered.