One-off or regular support for your business(and for you)

If HR and recruitment scares you just a little bit, you’re far from alone. After all, most managers aren’t trained in interviewing staff, or checking references, or performing exit interviews.

And when it comes to making hiring decisions, getting it wrong can be costly. So it’s little wonder that many businesses are uneasy when it comes to dealing with HR and recruitment.

The good news is that Saraswathy can provide you with recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy, as and when you need it.

You can use Saraswathy ’s recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy services as and when you need them: either work with us on a one-off basis, or engage us on a monthly retainer basis (and save money).

  • How to buy these recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy services?

    You can choose whichever way of working suits you best:

    • Option 1: One-off recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy – pick and choose the services you need, when you need them.
    • Option 2: Regular monthly Retainers – ideal if you have on-going HR and recruitment consultancy needs.

  • Option 1: One-off recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy

    You can use us for specific HR and recruitment services whenever you need us, with no on-going commitment. The rate for working on one-off projects is 200 an hour + Tax However, we’ve bundled some of our most popular services into money-saving recruitment packages. The first step in working together is a Free Consultation, so you can check us out obligation-free.

  • Option 2: Recruitment and HR retainers

    Do you need monthly help and support with your recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy? When you engage us on a monthly retainer basis, you’ll not only save money on our hourly rate, but it’ll also help your cash flow and budgeting. With a retainer, you’d invest a fixed amount each month: the options are 5 or 10 hours a month, but if you need more than that, that’s fine. Just contact us to discuss your specific needs.

    What are the benefits of working on a Retainer basis?

    There are number of benefits for you when you choose to work with us on a Retainer basis for your recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy:

    • Strategic input: Because we’d be working with you closely each month, we’ll get to know you and your business goals, and will be able to contribute to meeting them efficiently and effectively.

    • Cost savings: Retainers for employment recruitment services and HR consulting are available at a lower hourly rate, as a thank you for the on-going work.

    • Cash flow friendly: The fixed monthly amount means that it’s easy for you to manage your HR budget.

    • Bonuses: You’ll receive some bonus goodies as a thank you for choosing a Retainer – see below for details. Retainers for HR and employment recruitment services are for a minimum of 3 months, and can be terminated at any stage by giving us 30 days’ written notice.

  • How is the HR consultancy and recruitment consultancy delivered?

    How we work together is completely up to you: this could be meetings, skype, phone calls, or providing advice and feedback via email. Please note travelling time is included in this billable time- you are welcome to come to our offices though ( plus we have great coffee!). All the time spent working on your HR and recruitment issues after your initial Free Consultation is chargeable.

    We keep track (and keep you updated) on how many hours you have used each month and if you are under your set monthly hours your unused hours can transfer to the next month.

  • Why choose us as your recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy service?

    Here’s why your business will benefit from working with Saraswathy for your recruitment consultancy and HR consultancy:

    • Affordable and flexible: You can choose the service level that’s right for your business, whether it’s working with us on a one-off basis, or on a monthly retainer.
    • Proven methodologies save you money: Hiring the wrong person is a mistake that costs tens of thousands of rupees. Instead, use saraswathy’s proven methodologies and you’ll recruit the right person each time.

    • Fixed prices with no commissions: Unlike other recruitment consultants, we don’t charge a percentage of the new hire’s salary as a commission. All you pay is the fixed rate published on this website. This way, everything’s totally clear, transparent and up-front.

    • Saves you time, hassle and stress: Recruiting staff can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful: many business owners spend up to 50 hours recruiting for one role. It works out far more cost-effective to get us to do the legwork for you – and you’ll save yourself a load of stress too!

    • Partnership approach: We’ll work closely with you and will build a relationship of integrity, trust and commitment. We’d like to be a long-term partner in your business growth and will work towards meeting your business goals.

    • Learn from us: We’ll openly share our methodologies with you, so you can learn from us and gain confidence in implementing your own HR and Recruitment if you wish. Hint: Our training can work really well for your managers who are new to interviewing and hiring.

    • Money-back guarantee: We guarantee that you’ll be happy with our service. If not, your money will be refunded in full.

  • How to buy the HR and recruitment consultancy services

    Buying HR consultancy and recruitment consultancy is easy – just contact us for a Free Consultation to get started.

  • Not sure what you need?

    If you’re not sure what you need, just contact us, we’ll be happy to help you. We can tailor-make a flexible solution to suit your needs. Best of all your initial consultation is free, so contact our friendly team today!

    Remember, all our services have a 100% satisfaction guarantee (and you can read here what our clients say about us.)

This Recruitment service sounds interesting – what’s the next step to working together?

Easy – just Contact Us to arrange a Free Consultation, and we can talk through all the options then, and will be able to recommend the services best suited to your specific needs.