Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment

In our permanent job placement services, Saraswathy stands between the Saraswathy-registered job seeker and the company seeking an employee to assist with the hiring procedures. Saraswathy mediates employment situations that are highly satisfactory for both the client and the job seeker because Saraswathy carefully investigates the needs of both parties and selects the most appropriate employee from its large pool of registered staff.

  • Area of Expertise

    Skilled, Experienced Consultants

    Saraswathy is in the all-level market, meaning the consultants we place typically have at least one to five years in their chosen industry.

    Bridging the gap with contract staffing

    We place project managers, career consultants and interim leadership as well as hands-on professionals and technicians. Refer to the Saraswathy practice that best meets your functional need, and we’ll respond with proven consultants who integrate seamlessly into your workforce.

    Consultant satisfaction takes top priority

    We value our consultants as an integral part of our team. We make sure our consultants don’t have to think twice about their assignment and payment details, so that they can focus on providing excellent service to you

  • Benefits

    Comprehensive Solutions

    As a permanent staffing solutions firm, we follow a single window approach, delivering the entire range of services.

    • 1. Screening resumes
    • 2. Conducting technical tests, aptitude tests and in-depth interviews
    • 3. Verifying references
    • 4. Working on salaries

    We are responsible for the entire process, so that you can focus on realizing your business objectives and do not have to worry about the staffing process.

    Trained Manpower

    It is lined up with latest technological developments.

    • 1. Continuously trained on the latest technologies.
    • 2. Have competency, talent and leadership skills to drive your company to greater heights.

    Authentic and Reliable

    Saraswathy is committed to provide you with reliable, transparent and honest services. Our rigorous recruiting process includes.

  • Fee Model

    Fees for Contingency assignments are only requested upon the successful placement of a candidate. We will therefore source and introduce candidates to you, manage the negotiation process, and keep fine-tuning our search criteria until you exchange contracts with your new employee. Only then will we issue an invoice for our services.

    Upon selection of the candidate recommended by the Saraswathy, the Company will pay the Saraswathy for the services rendered along terms as follows:

    % for lower / Middle / Top level of Actual Cost to Company (ACTC).

    Gross Annual compensation would cover the employee’s total cost to company including Basic, HRA/CLA, Fixed Allowances, LTA, Medical, Car related reimbursements, Retirals, Assured Performance Bonus. It would not include any component of a Variable nature such as Company Bonus/Ex-gratia and Variable Performance Incentives that may be decided by the management from time to time.

    Taxes and levies if any, shall be extra on selection, the Company must give the saraswathy a complete breakup of the compensation offered to enable the Agency to bill the Company (shall be kept in strict confidence). In case some of the profiles are not short listed, the Company will return the CVs to the Agency.

    All payments are to be made, after deduction of the applicable tax deduction at source, in 30 days of the Agency raising the invoice after the candidate joins the company, by way of an account payee cheque in favour of ” Saraswathy Consultancy India Private Limited “

    Guarantee Period

    In case any employee recruited through the Saraswathy leaves the Company within 90 days of having been recruited, Saraswathy shall then recruit a new employee to fill such position and for the same, Saraswathy shall incur the complete cost of such recruitment.

  • Permanent Staffing Model

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