Recruitment Management System

Recruitment Management System

RMS renders solution to staffing companies to place (or) hire employees, search for resumes, match jobs convenient to the employers, profile management features and many more. You can reduce the cost of allotting a consultancy to match your jobs with the apt resume. All these and many more in a single tool.

  • Resume Management System
  • Resource Management System
  • Recruitment Management System

Trial version is available for download in Linux and Windows platform. Have a demo tour of our tool and feel the difference.

Key Features

  • Smart duplicate resume detection keeps your databank clean
  • Search your existing candidates and your pipeline started fast
  • Management of client information and requirements
  • Shortlisting and tagging resumes for requirements
  • Forwarding shortlisted resumes to clients against requirements
  • Tracking client interactions with respect to each requirement and candidate
  • RMS makes it easy to match candidates to job orders to track their progress
  • Support for large organizations with multiple offices

RMS is a free product which includes special features like Tagging Resume, tracking clients, mail sending and many more. But, when you take out a subscription or purchase RMS it credit you can do so much more. And the great thing is that you’ll save loads of money in the process.