Recruitment Training


Is recruiting the right staff one big, horrendous headache for you… and you have no idea what you’re doing wrong?

Let’s face it; recruitment can be a daunting experience for all kinds of businesses. Maybe you’ve been recruiting employees for a while, but their job performance just isn’t up to what you’d hoped for.Or maybe you’re new to recruiting, and you’re not sure what you should be doing, or where to start. (Especially as there are more and more legal requirements you need to follow.)

Why is recruitment such a headache?

Recruitment is a problem for many business owners simply because they don’t have the right tools, processes or training. But these things aren’t a skill or a ‘knack’… they’re totally learnable! But when you get it wrong, bad hires can cost you a serious amount of money.

What will you get out of the saraswathy workshop?

The Saraswathy workshop is an interactive recruitment training event at which you’ll discover:

  • 1) How to recruit smarter (not harder), using effective tools and processes.
  • 2) The practical insider secrets to ensure you end up recruiting the right person(no more bad hires!).
  • 3) What you should be putting into a Job advertisement to attract the right person (this might surprise you!).
  • 4) The kinds of questions you should be asking at interviews.
  • 5) How to conduct reference checks – and why you can’t afford to skip this step in the process.

What’s more, the Saraswathy workshop is an interactive recruitment training event that will focus on your specific needs and issues. Not only will there be a Q&A session for you to ask your burning questions, but you’ll discover which gaps exist in your recruitment process. (And we’ll also point you in the right direction of how you can fixthose gaps.) In short: if you follow the steps we recommend, you’ll be able to spend less time on your recruitment, and substantially increase the likelihood of attracting a star employee! Hint: these recruitment training events are FREE to attend, and are obligation-free.

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This Recruitment service sounds interesting – what’s the next step to working together?

Easy – just Contact Us to arrange a Free Consultation, and we can talk through all the options then, and will be able to recommend the services best suited to your specific needs.