Referral Program


Our Referral Program recognizes your personal efforts when it comes to referring family, friends, colleagues, and even someone you have just met. Thanks to your own unique experience and the generous words that you have shared with others, referrals have been the founding seeds fundamental in the growth and success of our firm over the last 10 years.

To personally touch the life of another is the essence of Pay it Forward. The ability to offer a helping hand that can influence and shape the careers of others is a genuine act of giving within reach of anybody who cares about people. Referrals are the gifts that keep giving because good deeds get rewarded. The return on intention to help others is simple: Connected People Connect Others.

Referring people to people, in the position to help them get connected to their passions, equips them with purpose and keeps the giving going. Connecting people creates a chain, like a circle, where it all comes back to where it started and favors get returned.

Connecting people with their passions is a composite of: required skill sets to do the job, correct compensation, and the interest of expressing purpose in any given position. View Terms and Conditions. Over the past 10 years we have perfected our recruitment, hiring and screening process. This encourages us to keep delivering results that directly impact the lives of candidates and the bottom-line of companies. Organizations can only profit with good people. Our client relationships are strong and we consistently commit to developing with integrity. Our standards are high and absolute.

Welcome to our “Pay it Forward” Referral Program to recognize your individual efforts for referring family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. It is not necessary to have any association with Saraswathy to participate in this program.