Resignation Offers


Giving your resignation to an employer can be an emotional and stressful experience. However, you can encourage expediency and smooth running in the process while reducing the heat in the experience.

Providing your boss with a resignation letter is not only the correct and proper way to exit your employment, it is also the most effective way to handle an uncomfortable situation with greater ease. Nothing says it better than the written word. PUT IT IN WRITING.

Why is it necessary to put it in writing you may ask?
  • The resignation letter is lasting on your employment record so it is best to protect yourself by keep your permanent print proper.
  • It is an opportunity to reflect on the positive aspects rather than the negative things. This is precisely the legacy you want to leave on your formal footprint.
  • The resignation letter is responsible. It takes care of your duty to deliver notice of your departure while relieving the pressure of having to speak first.

Give due notice. Be fair in how you conduct yourself in the final days. Everybody will always remember how you leave. The sooner you resign the better. Exit correctly so that you may move forward with a clean slate by offering to be relieved as soon as possible for the benefit of both parties. It is important to remember that loyalties have changed and your energy is now owed in another direction. The company will move on without you and so shall you move on. Do not let the counter offer discussion happen. Advise that your decision to resign is firm and final. Counter offers have historically been coined ‘career suicide’ and history has repeated this over and over. Don’t do it. It is the single worst thing that you can do during the resignation process. See guidance from your Bilingual Source representative. Refer to our next section of the “Reasons Not to Accept a Counter Offer”

Reasons Not To Accept a Counter Offer

What type of company do you work for if you have to threaten to resign before they grant what is fair and what you are worth?

Think about it. Ultimately, it all comes out the same pot. If they offer more money to stay, where do you think it is coming from? Is it your next raise that just comes early?

Whether it is official or not, you can trust that there is a strict code among all companies when it comes to wage and salary. The natural order of things is to always restore order. A counter offer covers a wound as superficially as a band-aid. A pay increase is no incentive as it is only a retroactive reward that rocks the boat. Something has to give so that promises made will either not meet fruition or something else will have to be sacrificed.

You are sending out an SOS signalling that you are a danger employee. You have now flagged yourself as a flight risk. Your employer may immediately search for somebody else only for you to find yourself training your replacement. Well, you may fill the gap.

Trust is the sacred bond that has been broken in your accountability as an employee. Your loyalty will be questioned indefinitely and perhaps forever. The gig is up. Your employer officially knows that you are unhappy.

Don’t think that the slate is wiped clean for future promotions. You will be labelled as an easy buy for the next bidder. Your near exit will be a permanent stain in the minds of management. No manager will gamble on you.

You will be on top of the casualty list when the chips are down with cutbacks.

Whatever inspires you to move on and provokes the need to leave will only repeat itself in the future if history repeats itself. Companies and positions rarely change.

Birds of a feather do flock together but when word gets out, and it invariably does, you may notice that you can no longer relate to your flock. The dynamics of your group may never be the same and you will likely lose the personal satisfaction of peer acceptance.


It is a statistic that if you accept a counter offer, the probability of you voluntarily leaving in the NEXT 6 MONTHS or being let go within the year is dangerously high. There is no if or doubt that the post-counter honeymoon will end. 80% of people who accept counter-offers do not continue employment after 6 months.90% of the people that do accept counter offers are gone within 12 months.