Resume Tips

Resume Tips

The resume is the prelude to the interview. The goal of the resume is to get the interview. Excellent resumes make all the difference; the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ when it comes to just considering you as a candidate for the job. Your resume is your own personal brand and best shot at getting the interview. Your resume is your opportunity to make your first impression and it is your first chance to impress. Job seekers that take the time to carefully highlight their qualifications will absolutely increase their attributes advantage by taking the written word seriously. Proofread, proofread, proofread… and then proofread again.

Resume Style

Consider and choose the format. The majority of resume readers prefer the old fashioned chronological resume so it is recommended most times. Here, you highlight your most recent experience followed by your previous jobs in reverse order with the corresponding dates. It suggests that education be listed at the end of the resume but this is a subjective and discretionary choice. Research reveals that employers prefer this format to the functional style that is organized according to knowledge and expertise. Functional format has its place in extremely specialized arenas of employment.


Highlight your accolades describing your significant contributions within each role and reflect your impact on the results and bottom-line as much as possible. Devote extra care in considering how you may demonstrate importance in what you have already done as it relates to what you are applying for.


Emphasize your certifications. It is a must to mention relevant designations that you have earned in addition to your involvement with relevant professional associations. These affiliations demonstrate dedication to career.

Technical Expertise

Summarize your abilities working with technology. Companies seek candidates with stellar skills when it comes to computers. So, underscore your specific experience with hardware, software, and databases.

Screen Savvy

Make it internet and scanner friendly. Use plain text format (ASC11) to make it the easiest read for the recipient. Avoid flooding with graphics that won’t flourish in translation by some resume-scanning software.

The Truth

Tell it. Be accurate. Never falsify willfully or neglectfully. Proofrea