Given the current job market, finding the right professional is quite a challenging task. We can take over this challenge for you, allowing you to pay more attention to your core business, while we find the right candidate.

Unavailability of candidates for a particular field can be a major hurdle for recruiters. To deal with this, we have developed a talent pipeline. Once you engage us we keep sourcing talent on an on-going basis. The idea is to stay on our toes to be able to recommend to you the best available talent whenever you need. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can choose from any of the following services:

The services we provide are:


Attracting and recruiting the right people is an important part in growing a business. However, it’s also a very complex, fragmented and time-consuming task.


All businesses face employee challenges daily, and that’s why Saraswathy exists… to relieve you from carrying the burden alone.


If HR and recruitment scares you just a little bit, you’re far from alone. After all, most managers aren’t trained in interviewing staff, or checking references, or performing exit interviews.


No one is perfect. As long as humans are operating in businesses, there’s bound to be conflict. How a company manages the conflict challenges determines what it costs in terms of time, energy, money or employees.


A number of people travel abroad every year in search of new employment or new life. Some go there to work for a temporary time period and some apply for immigration. We at saraswathy , help people realize this dream.

This Recruitment service sounds interesting – what’s the next step to working together?

Easy – just Contact Us to arrange a Free Consultation, and we can talk through all the options then, and will be able to recommend the services best suited to your specific needs.