Why Outsource HR Training?

No one is perfect. As long as humans are operating in businesses, there’s bound to be conflict. How a company manages the conflict challenges determines what it costs in terms of time, energy, money or employees.

Topics for our HR Training Seminars

A significant segment of our resources go toward the proper HR training for Managers and Employees on the following seminar topics:

Anti-Harassment (Sexual, Racial, Religious, Cultural) – Both management and employees have a responsibility to recognize and appropriately handle each of the following types of harassment: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation, Racial, People with Disabilities, Age, Religion and Bullying.

Recruiting (Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts) – You must avoid asking questions that might indicate discrimination against certain individuals, even if it wasn’t your intent. There are ways to ask an employee about his or her ability to do the job while avoiding impermissible questions.

Exempt & Non-Exempt Compliance – The laws regarding HOW you classify and pay your employees are significant. Improper classification can be a costly mistake. How confident are you that you’re compliant?

Positive Communication – Empowerment comes from teaching others what they can do to become less dependent on you. Using techniques of Positive Communication, you can empower your employees to succeed.

Goal Setting – Goals need to be complete and focused, much like a road map. Learn the tools to creating SMART goals.

  • What is “Leadership”?
  • What do Leaders do?
  • What do Leaders exhibit?
  • How do we measure leadership success?

Performance Coaching – Learn the “how to’s” of performance coaching, so that your employees are meeting standards and contributing to the success of the company.

Other HR Training Topics
  • Constructive Employee Evaluations
  • HR Basics or Best Practices
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Safety Training
  • Wage & Hour
  • Employee Form Requirements

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